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We always have a good selection of taxidermy antler mounts and taxidermy horn mounts for sale. Our taxidermy workmanship is of the highest standard. Nothing can enhance a room like the addition of a beautiful set of deer antlers, caribou antlers, elk antlers, or moose antlers mounted on a plaque. How about a unique, rare set of  mountain goat horns. We have a huge selection of mounted mountain goat horns in stock. You can choose from elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, moose, caribou, mountain goat, and some other exotics. Mounted moose antlers are an impressive addition to any decor. Mountain goat horns are not big but are unique. We have all kinds of moose horns and taxidermy mounts for sale. We have a large assortment of mounted antlers and mounted horns in stock. Wildlife mounts will add greatly to your decor. We also have a selection of exotic animal horn mounts, antler mounts and other unique taxidermy wildlife mounts. We have a good selection of all kinds of mounted horns and taxidermy for sale.

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