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Caribou Antler mount on panel   

Moose Antlers on panel    

Moose Antlers on panel

Mule Deer Antlers on panel

Mule Deer Antlers on panel

Mule Deer Antlers on panel
 #RD-06  -  European Roe Deer-antlers-cut eruopean skull mount-3X3-8.4" x 8.75"-heavy-exceptional buck $75.00

We have taxidermy antler mounts for sale. If you are looking for mounted antlers, we have a good selection of mounted moose antlers for sale. We also carry other antler mounts such as mounted mule deer antlers, caribou antlers, elk antlers, and moose antler mounts. We have all kinds of taxidermy mounts for sale. A nice set of moose horns makes an impressive moose antler taxidermy mount that will enhance any decor. Check out this page if you are looking for taxidermy horn mounts : HORN MOUNTS . Antlers are sometimes called horns. The difference is that antlers are shed each winter and re-grow again each spring; while horns are permanent, just continuing to grow larger each year. Both taxidermy horn mounts or antler taxidermy mounts, make a great gift idea.

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