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    -(out of stock at this time)  
    -(out of stock at this time)  
    The following hides are wet tanned for life size taxidermy mounts-to have them dry tanned it will cost an additional $100.00 each
-NOTE , That dry tanned measurement will be approximately 6" to 8" less that rug size listed below, depending on size of bear
. #F-719  Grizzly Bear-lifesize hide-tanned-would make about 79 nose to tail and square approximately 87 as a rug-approximately 7.5 x 17.5 x 33 x 61 x 82 carcass measurements-dark brownish underfur dusted all over with bronzy goldish hairtips-1.75 to 2.25 very nice early fall fur-4.25 light brown front claws mottled with some dark brown and striped with lots of amber and some cream-has a several very minor fighting scars on the top of the nose bridge-ventral skinned $6975.00

We have a large assorted selection of real authentic tanned bear hides and tanned bear skins for decor, for sale. Tanned grizzly bear hides, tanned black bear skins, and tanned brown bear hides. These tanned hides are not suitable for taxidermy or mounting but are good for display hides. These real tanned bear fur skins will add greatly to your decor. A real tanned bear hide or tanned fur skin looks great displayed hanging on the wall, on the floor, or over the back of a chair, etc. Nothing will enhance your decor like some real tanned furs. A tanned bear hide.....What a great gift idea !!!
If it is other tanned fur skins that you are looking for, check out this page:
MISCELLANEOUS TANNED HIDES FOR DECOR . Any of these real tanned fur skins will add a unique touch of beauty to your home, office or cabin.

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