( real horns & antlers - not reproductions )

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These are real authentic horns and antlers, for the taxidermy industry. Most have skull plates and are ready for mounting, but they are NOT a finished product. You can purchase them just as they are, or if you would like to have a set of these horns or antlers mounted, as a full shoulder head mount or a full life size mount or just mounted on a plaque, we can supply capes, hides, or scalps, and mount them up for you, as a fresh new mount, to your specifications.  Note that price of capes, hides, scalps, etc. are extra and prices will be quoted by request.

Contact us if you are looking for a cape or a life size hide or for custom taxidermy mounting prices.



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Items on this page are raw stock and are not a finished display product

D-134 D-134-a #D-134 Pronghorn Antelope-horns-12” x 13.5” long $150.00
#B-216-A  Pronghorn Antelope-horns-13.2” x 13.3” long $150.00
#B-216-B  Pronghorn Antelope-horns-12” x 12.5” long $175.00
#F-255  Bison-horns-(no skull)-18” long x 13” bases-off 12 year old bull  $250.00
#C-846  Caribou-antlers-fairly heavy 36” main beams-19 points-26” wide-antlers in velvet $100.00
    (out of stock at this time)   
    ( MULE ) DEER  
#S-202  Mule Deer-antlers-6x6-24.75” wide-gross non typical score approximately 184-split skull plate-very pretty set of antlers-in velvet (some velvet has peeled off surface on side and back of antlers)  $100.00
ADD PHOTOS #G-471  Mule Deer-antlers on panel-5x6 points-approximately 21.5” wide-very heavy $175.00
#F-635 Mule Deer-antlers-5x6-typical 4 point with one short extra point-26” wide-gross score approximately 162-very pretty and exceptionally heavy set of antlers  $225.00
#G-353 Mule Deer-antlers-6x8 points-28.5” wide-gross non typical score approximately 200-net non typical score approximately 196-net typical score approximately 187-very pretty and unique and heavy set of antlers-(now on an old headmount but would be removed for shipping so you would only get antlers, or you can have the entire headmount for the same price as the antlers are where the value is, but shipping would cost much more for the entire headmount than just the antlers) $1275.00
#F-731 Whitetail Deer-antlers-4x4 points-17.5” wide-gross score approximately 123 $75.00
#S-503 Whitetail Deer-antlers-7x7 points-17” wide-gross non typical score approximately 135-has double brow points-(2 points on each side are not scoreable)-exceptionally heavy and massive set of antlers $150.00
    (out of stock at this time)   
  #G-441 Moose-antlers-51” wide-8x9-total 17 points-7.5” and 8” wide palms-recolored-gross score approximately 152  $475.00
#E-569-A  Moose-antlers on panel with natural scalp-9x10-19 points-46” wide-9.6”wide palms-gross score approximately 164 $575.00
#G-430  Moose-antlers on panel-with buckskin leather covering on skull cap-greatest spread 42.75” wide-15x15 points-total of 26 points(not all scoreable points)-12” and 13.25” wide palms-exceptional pretty brow palms with 4x6 points on brows-very beautiful pretty set of antlers-scores approximately 165 $675.00
#G-463  Moose-antlers-greatest spread 43” wide-10x13 points-total of 23 points(not all scoreable points)-12” wide palms-2x3 points on brows-very pretty set of antlers-recolored-scores approximately 180 gross $675.00
#F-539 Mt. Goat-horns-female-8.5” x 8.5” x 4.25” bases-8 year old nanny $75.00
D-066 D-066-a #D-066 Mt. Goat-horns-female-8.5” x 8.6” x 4” bases-11 year old nanny $75.00
B-226 B-226-a #B-226 Mt. Goat-horns-female-8.7” x 8.8” x 3.9” bases-8 year old nanny $75.00
C-037 C-037-a #C-037  Mt. Goat-horns-female-8.7” x 8.7” x 4.2” bases-5 year old nanny $75.00
B-227 B-227-a #B-227 Mt. Goat-horns-female-8.7” x 8.8” x 4.2” bases-6 year old nanny $75.00
D-086 #D-086  Mt. Goat-horns-female-8.7” x 8.8” x 4.2” bases-5 year old nanny $75.00
#B-230 Mt. Goat-horns-female-8.8” x 8.8” x 4.2” bases-6 year old nanny $75.00
B-228 B-228-a #B-228 Mt. Goat-horns-female-8.8” x 8.9” x 4” bases-7 year old nanny $75.00
D-064 D-064-a #D-064 Mt. Goat-horns-female-9” x 9” x 4.2” bases-5 year old nanny $100.00
E-365 E-365-a #E-365 Mt. Goat-horns-female-8.9” x 9” x 3.9” bases-8 year old nanny $100.00
D-059 D-059-a #D-059 Mt. Goat-horns-female-9” x 9.2” x 4” bases-5 year old nanny-one horn tip is repaired (totally invisible) $75.00
S-150 S-150-a #S-150 Mt. Goat-horns-female-9.2” x 9.2” x 4.2” bases-5 year old nanny $100.00
D-065 D-065-a #D-065 Mt. Goat-horns-female-9.2” x 9.3” x 4.2” bases-9 year old nanny-pretty $125.00
D-063 D-063-a #D-063 Mt. Goat-horns-female-9.4” x 9.4” x 4.3” bases-9 year old nanny-nicely rounded tips $125.00
    BILLY - MALE  
#B-372 Mt. Goat-horns on panel- male-7.6” x 7.7”-2 year old male $175.00
E-599 GOAT HORNS #E-599  Mt. Goat-horns on panel-with natural scalp- male-8.9” x 9” x 5.25” bases-3 year old male $250.00
D-087 D-087-a #D-087 Mt. Goat-horns-male-8.9” x 9.0” x 5.7” bases-very heavy-nice billy-7 year old billy $250.00
E-604 E-604-a #E-604 Mt. Goat-horns-male-9.25” x 9.3” x 5.1” bases-9 year old billy-scores 46 points $275.00
#F-538  Mt. Goat-horns-male-9.25” x 9.25” x 5.3” bases-6 year old billy-scores 47 points $275.00
#E-849 Mt. Goat-horns-male-9.3” x 9.6” x 5.3” bases-7 year old billy $350.00
B-500 B-500-a #B-500 Mt. Goat-horns-male-9.4” x 9.6” x 5.3” bases-6 year old billy $350.00
E-852 #E-852 Mt. Goat-horns on upper skull as cut European skull mount with full nose-male-9.9” x10.1” x 5.7” bases-6 year old billy-scores approximately 49.5 points $775.00
D-056- D-056-b D-056-c #D-056 Mt. Goat-horns on upper skull as cut European skull mount with full nose-extra large boone and crockett male-9.9” x 10.2” x 5.7” bases -9 year old billy-exceptionally heavy-scores approximately 50 points $975.00
E-841- E-841-B E-841-d E-841-e #E-841 Mountain Goat-complete skull-extra large boone and crockett male-10.6” x 10.6” x 5.7” bases-(if requested it will be supplied with lower jaw which is partially bleached and has loose front teeth that are not glued in yet)-11 year old billy-both horn tips repaired (totally invisible)-this is a Boone and Crockett record book class set of horns-exceptionally heavy-scores approximately 51 points $1275.00
E-850 #E-850 Mt. Goat-horns on upper skull as cut European skull mount with full nose-male-extra large boone and crockett male-10.5” x10.7” x 5.7” bases-both horn tips very slightly chipped-7 year old billy-scores approximately 52 points-outstanding goat
E-851 #E-851 Mt. Goat-horns on upper skull as cut European skull mount with full nose-male-extra large boone and crockett male-10.7” x10.7” x 5.7” bases-13 year old billy-very wide-scores approximately 52 points-chances are that you will never ever find a European skull mount, bigger or nicer $1975.00
    MUSK OX  
MUSK OX SKULLS #0 Musk Ox-skulls-large bulls-complete with horns and lower jaw-boiled and cleaned but not bleached-(if you want skull bleached with hydrogen peroxide add $250.00 to price)-(out of stock at this time) $1275.00 each
#BS-B-513 Bighorn Sheep-horns on upper skull-(no bottom jaw)-cleaned and bleached-32” x 33” x 13.25” bases-6 year old ram-one horn tip comes up to the center of the eye socket and the other horn comes up to the bottom of the eye socket-scores approximately 145 $1475.00
#K-939  Bighorn Sheep-horns on upper skull-(no bottom jaw)-cleaned and bleached-32.75” x 32.75” x 14” bases-5 year old ram-both horn tips come 2” over the nose bridge-scores approximately 146 $2175.00
    ( STONE - DALL ) SHEEP  
    Dall Sheep and Stone Sheep horns are interchangeable-they interbreed and their horns are the same-dall sheep horns tend to be a bit lighter in color than stone sheep horns but some dalls that spend more time in timber are darker and some stones that spend more time in alpine are lighter so it really makes no difference  
#F-860 Stone/Dall Sheep-horns-28.5” x 35.25” x 12.5” bases-25.5” wide-left horn tip comes over nose bridge-right horn tip is heavily broomed well below eye-11 year old ram-scores approximately 141 $475.00
#G-015 Stone/Dall Sheep-horns-34” x 35” x 12.5” bases-23.75” wide tip to tip spread-both horn tips come about 2” over nose bridge-8 year old ram-scores approximately 146 $1175.00
#G-010 Stone/Dall Sheep-horns on upper skull-(no bottom jaw)-35” x 35” x 12.5” bases-22.4” wide tip to tip spread-one horn tip comes about 4.25” over nose bridge and one horn tip comes about 3.5” over nose bridge-9 year old ram-scores approximately 142-horns are on uncleaned upper skull (back of skull is cut)-no inside nasal bones-add $250.00 if you want skull boiled and cleaned and bleached  $1275.00
   #F-862 Stone/Dall Sheep-horns-34.4” x 34.75"x 13.5” bases-horn tips come almost to nose bridge-24.75” wide tip to tip-8 year old ram-scores approximately 153 $1375.00

We always have  a good selection of north american wildlife, anters and horns in stock......mule deer antlers, whitetail deer antlers, blacktail deer antlers, moose antlers, elk antlers, caribou antlers, musk ox horns, mountain goat horns, mountain sheep horns, dall sheep horns, stone sheep horns, bighorn sheep horns, etc. in stock.........if we do not have what you are looking for, let us know your needs and maybe we can help you.

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