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( Note that the squared size of grizzly bear rugs is the greatest length + greatest width divided by 2 which gives you the dimensions of the floor or wall space needed to display the grizzly bear rugs )

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E-902 Squares 6’4”
Grizzly Bear Rug

D-446 Squares 6’5”
Grizzly Bear Rug

D-760 Squares 6’6”
Grizzly Bear Rug

We always have a good selection of newly made, real authentic grizzly bear skin full head rugs for sale, in stock. These bears are commonly known as grizzly bears but specimens from Alaska are also called Alaskan brown bears or Kodiak  bears, but they are all the same species (there are about 30 subspecies of grizzly bears) with the Latin name "ursus arctos" commonly known as the grizzly bear. These magnificent animals have the reputation of being the most aggressive large North American predator. Grizzly bears are a very beautiful animal that vary in color from white blonde to black and every color shade between. Most typically have gold or silver hair tips with darker under fur, which gives them the nickname "silvertip". All our taxidermy rugs are real fur rugs and are mounted with an open mouth. All our fur rugs have a double layer of heavy pleated felt borders and heavy denim backing. Our taxidermy workmanship is of the highest standard. Nothing will enhance a room like the addition of a beautiful real grizzly bear fur skin rug. Grizzly bears are not all huge animals. The average adult grizzly bear weighs about 350 lbs. which would make a 6'-6" squared grizzly bear rug. Check out this page if you are looking for more grizzly bear rugs "GRIZZLY BEAR RUGS".  We also have a good selection of black and brown bear skin rugs, wildlife fur rugs, and other animal fur skin rugs.

Note to customers from European Union countries......YES grizzly bears can be imported into your countries......There is a restriction on importing grizzly bears that were harvested in British Columbia into the E.U., however, many of the grizzly bears we have in stock are grizzly bears that were harvested in Alaska, or Yukon Territories, or the Northwest Territories, and there is no restriction on importing bears that were harvested in these regions. So as long as it is a bear that was not harvested in British Columbia, YES you can have one of these beautiful grizzly bear rugs in your personal collection in the E.U. ........they must be imported into the E.U. for personal use.......if you wish to import a grizzly rug into the E.U. let us know, and I will let you know which of these grizzly bear rugs can be shipped to the E.U.  You will be required to apply for an import cites permit from your local Government Customs office, but that is easy to do, and we will help you through the process.

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