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      A - grade - $20.00 lb. - We have about 50 lbs in stock at this time  
    (now sold in bulk only) is a link to bulk sales... "BULK ANTLERS & MISCELLANEOUS HORNS"  

These moose antlers are a selection of both shed moose antlers and cut moose antlers. These free standing, upright, moose antlers make unique, outstanding moose antler carvings. We always have a good selection of moose horns in stock. These free standing moose antlers are also unique for antler crafts or moose antler furniture. Because of the shape of their brow palms, these free standing upright moose antlers will sit upright, on the floor, on a table, or on a fireplace mantel, etc. , by themselves, which makes them unique for carving, crafts, or furniture. For a more varied selection of other moose antler, check out this page: "MOOSE ANTLERS". We have the moose antlers you need !

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